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About Us

World EXPO

World Expo is a global event that aims at connecting nations. Providing platforms to countries to display their latest innovations and inventions and it takes place once in every 5 years.


The first World EXPO dates back to 1851 and was aptly named, 'The Great Exhibition.'
World EXPO 2020 is the first time Bhutan is participating.

How we reached here

Maha Al Gargawi, The Vice President of the International Participants of Dubai Expo 2020 extended the invitation for Bhutan to partake, saying he/she (need to verify) couldn’t imagine a World Expo being hosted in his country without Bhutanese participation, as he believes Bhutan has a lot to offer, and showcase, such as its development goals, sustainable policies in agriculture, tourism and hospitality, and its happiness indicators.

The goodwill from the Dubai Expo was evident as Bhutan was provided a pavilion free of cost. So clearly the onus was on Bhutan to seize the opportunity, which it has begun doing earnestly and professionally. The six-month, multibillion-dollar global innovation fair, set to be the largest event ever staged was postponed due to the pandemic, but will now be held from October 2021 to March 2022. The expo’s theme is “Connecting Minds and Creating Future”, celebrating humanity’s resilience, creativity, culture and innovation.

Bhutan Pavilion design and display remains true to our traditional aesthetic. Bhutan's Pavilion is adorned with intricate colourful paintings with uniformity in the architecture style of buildings like the traditional Bhutanese Structure. The pavilion is designed around the theme of Bhutanese culture and the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. The main faзade of the pavilion presents the traditional Bhutanese structure while the other one is wrapped with pictures of landscapes and people capturing the essence of Bhutan.

There are 3 representatives at the pavilion. An official each from the Dept. of Trade, Dept. of Small & Cottage Industry & Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.