Made in Bhutan

Story of 'Made in Bhutan'

'As a child, I liked helping my parents sell calendars on the street during the coronation and 2 years later, I traveled all the way to Bumthang, convincing people to buy the green dustbin from my dad’s company.

For each unit sold, I was allowed a Nu.100 cut by dad; I made Nu.17,000 from that.

Sitting in my parents’ shop, my fascination for business grew and I went to Thailand to pursue a degree in Business Studies. For my internship, I came to Bhutan and worked with my dad to supply uniforms to companies. Then I was struck by the idea of making garments that had a mix of imported and local fabrics. To experiment, I designed a series of Yartha jackets and convinced my friends to model for it. When I started an instagram page to promote them, orders and responses overwhelmed me.

This gave me the boost needed to plan a second photoshoot with a new collection of jackets. This time, I decided to make puffer jackets that were laced with aesthetic prints from Bhutan as our culture has a lot of exquisite fabric that young people in the country should find a way to wear.

Although our first photo shoot was a success, it did lack the finesse that a professional camera had, as we used an iphone to take photos. So to cement my business, I hired a professional photographer. The photos showed all the minute details of the prints on the jackets and made sure to show how beautiful each and every piece. This attracted many patrons and my business sky-rocketed due to a smart business investment.

After being successful in my business venture, I got the biggest opportunity to brand my вЂ˜Made in Bhutan’ jackets at Expo Dubai. They wanted my jackets to be exhibited there and I was ecstatic. I planned to send over a 1000 jackets but due to covid, getting the materials was a huge challenge and I was also in the middle of a huge order for the Bhutan Police...