TWINZ the Artists

TWINZ the Artists

'When ugyen failed in grade 7, I was made to repeat the year with him;

It was a wise decision of our parents who didnвЂt want us separated.

Over time, we realised the deep bond and the strikingly similar thought-process we shared, starting from our taste in music, movies and even clothes. We can't really recollect but both of us started painting around the same time. It started with stick figures, then copying comic drawings and eventually, colour painting; it was apparent that we will never have separate hobbies.

It was not common for others but both of us were equally drawn to extreme metal music. After high school, we both chose to study music and our parents allowed us, believing that our shared passion will keep us together. But after six months in a music school in Bangkok, owing to language barrier, we realized that learning music was not for us.

Our parents respected the decision to quit music school and It was during those days that the love for Arts and painting really cemented. With our familyвЂs support, we went to LPU to study fine arts. The decision never felt like a mistake and often like one person, we found ourselves working on a single art piece.

After graduation, we had our first exhibition in 2016 with Vast Bhutan and by then, weвЂd started painting professionally. Although every individual thinks and expresses differently, we saw a lot of our collaborative paintings turning out better than the ones done solo. UgyenвЂs way of giving meticulous details and my touch-ups complemented our work well.

It was Aue Chimi, the ED of Vast Bhutan who chose us for the Expo Bhutan. Excited, we prepared to...