About OGOP

"Bhutan has a diverse, stunning topography, a vast wealth of ecosystems and indigenous plants, herbs, and unique agricultural products. Having emerged as largely isolated and remote communities, Bhutanese recipes are immensely diverse. Traditional agricultural practices, the pristine environment, clean mountain spring water, fertile soil free from pesticides, and the indigenous knowledge passed down generations make Bhutanese products unique, flavourful, natural and wholesome.

The One Gewog, One Product (OGOP) initiative of the Queen’s Project Office, is modelled on the One Tambon, One Product (OTOP) of Thailand, and borrows from its best practices.

Each product chosen to be marketed by OGOP comes from local artisans and a community of farmers, who have received support to grow high-quality crops. Every item has been selected carefully, and processed with age-old wisdom combined with state-of-the-art techniques, to bring you Bhutanese products of the highest quality.

Popular Products


In late autumn, golden rice fields adorn hamlets across the country, ready for harvest, as farmers reap the fruits of their labour. Red Rice, especially, is a staple and has been cultivated mainly in the Western parts of Bhutan for centuries.


Urka chillies are shorter, rounder and creased in shape, and is said to be an authentically Bhutanese spice that is native to the region. Dried on rooftops and the ground, the autumn and winter sun further intensifies its zesty and piquant flavour.

Source: ogop.bt

Red Rice

Red Chillies